Lust for life...

Visit Limburg and discover your lust for Life!

Limburg is a very special province in the southernmost part of the Netherlands, with Valkenburg and Maastricht attracting a great many visitors, but Limburg also has a lot more to offer!

In the North, you can find extensive areas of great natural beauty, offering a wide range of possibilities for hikers and cyclists. The central section of the province contains the ‘Maasplassen’lake area with a great many recreational opportunities for boating, sailing etc. This is also where the Designer Outlet in Roermond is located, the largest outlet of its kind in Europe. And in the south, you’ll come across Maastricht and Valkenburg, both located in the hill country so unique for the Netherlands.

Limburg, closer than you think!

Limburg can be reached surprisingly quickly, easily and inexpensively bij travellers. Various budget airlines fly you directly from a great many locations to airports in Eindhoven, Dusseldorf, Weeze, Brussels and Amsterdam, from where you can reach any location in Limburg whitin 30 tot 90 minutes.

Limburg is also an ideal jumping off point for cross-border visits tot Germany: Aachen in less than 20 min. and Cologne in less than 1 hour - as well as Belgium: Antwerp and Brussels in less than 1 hour.